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About ETI

JOINT TECHNOLOGY company ETI is now supplying equipment, the overall technical solution and transfer new technologies in the fields of electricity, electronics, telecommunications, information technology and automation.

Lightning overall solutions for construction

Vietnam is the tropical monsoon climate, hot and humid often very favorable for the generation, development of lightning with large lightning current intensity (experiment measured by self-parasitic oscillation is 90.7 KA according to the Institute of Thai Nguyen Gia Sang clay). Comprehensive lightning protection solution, effectively covering three points:

1 / Anti-direct lightning strike to the building,

2 / Anti-Surge on power line

3 / Anti-Surge on signal lines


With 18 years experience and a staff of experts leading information technology in Vietnam, ETI is committed to providing the best service to customers. Please contact us at the address below:



Number B18 - TT19, Van Quan urban area, Phuc La, Ha Dong, Hanoi

Phone: 02433.546.589               Fax: 02433.544.776

Hotlines: 0989290737.


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