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Motto Action

"Customer-focused, quality of products and services is the ongoing development goals"
With the goal of development in the field of high technology, the company investment policy in two main directions:

- The first one: Build staff and employees have the ability to evaluate, select and implement the transfer of new technologies for electricity, most advanced telecommunications matching Vietnam conditions.

- The second strategy: Choosing carefully, towards comprehensive cooperation with a number of leading manufacturers in the world. They are the manufacturers of electrical equipment, telecommunications, information technology. All firms master the modern technology is most advanced customers worldwide trust above all they really want and can afford to long-term cooperation with customers Vietnam South.

With the customer wants new technical applications in the fields of electricity, electronics, refrigeration, telecommunications, information technology and support to solve management problems in the industry, the company brings together a team ETI qualified young professionals. The company design and implement new technical solutions most viable way, most economical and most reliable.

The company ETI has over 20 highly technical staff. Most employees are electrical engineers, computer engineers, telecom electronics engineer graduated from the Polytechnic University, Jiaotong University, University of ...).

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