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Scope of Activities

Design consultancy, project investment appraisal of telecommunications works, electrical works, electronics include:

The transmission systems, switches, telecommunications networks - television, radio, lightning protection, computer network (LAN & WAN), transmission (fiber, copper).
Alarm systems, access control.
Design and supply of equipment, power systems, signal control of road traffic, rail.
System design, software development customer oriented (warehouse management, accounting personnel, salaries ...) and information technology consulting.

Supply of equipment and construction:

Lightning protection systems overall (direct lightning strike, power transmission lines).
Power systems, test and maintenance of the system: Battery-Battery, Rectifier - bending machine ...
Alarm systems, access control.
Air conditioning system (air conditioner and dispersion concentrate) for the works, the station, the industrial zone.
TV system, radio.
The telecommunications equipment: switchboards, cables, terminals, microwave ...
Providing solutions for identity cards (ID Card).
Electrical distribution systems in industrial and civil.
Materials, machinery, parts and components industry, construction.
IT equipment.

In all those areas, we always meet the stringent requirements of customers for the service before and after the sale in the best way.

The success of the company ETI achieve is because we are always oriented objectives for the benefit of customers and received special support from the suppliers at home and abroad technical and professional training (including company: EXIDE, LPI, UNIKOR, ALLTEC, FARGO, SIEMENS, MARRCONI, ...). In addition, we also get the support of the advisor is Professor, Dr. of technical universities, centers of scientific applications specialized in the design, installation, operation system .

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