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Some notes when designing lightning protection

1. The note on protected areas: As the calculation should consider building location, altitude and architecture to fully calculate the radius 3 protection levels include: Level 1 (Leve 1), level 2 (Leve 2 ), Level 3 (Leve 3), Level 4 (lever 4). Using NF C 17-102 standards IEC 21186-96 France or to calculate combined with the current standards of Vietnam. Note on the selection of the location, height and the height of the needle set minimum needle, the distance between the columns of air and other metal objects because of this neighborhood decided to protect the safety of the facility.

2. Structural engineering related to lightning protection systems. To consider the exposure frame lightning protection system is iron or concrete. Where the roof frame and corrugated iron or, should refer to the utility of the project to determine how electricity or lightning equipotential system works. Should consult with experts in the field of lightning protection for appropriate decisions. Generally in these tough requirements, the plan will be your favorite way more power but costs will be higher, construction and installation work will be more difficult. In addition, designers need to pay attention to the position of the conductor such as tank, antenna, roof plumbing. Distance their installation must be designed properly normative. Typically, these devices are affected or even damaged during the lightning strike occurred in the vicinity. Moreover, if not carefully designed, they are the conductors on buildings dangerous for humans.

3. The conductor used for the drainage of lightning: Use copper wire round because we have good electrical conductivity (recommended withstand high voltage wires). Wire little patchwork and larger size regulations, use wires with a cross section 50mm2 become. During construction, select the route for most direct wire.

4. The system has low impedance grounding and stability for many years is very important, it enables energy dissipation to ground lightning fast and safe. Grounding systems, lightning escape cable and lightning collecting needles are 3 key components of lightning protection systems and must be synchronized with each other. In designing the ground, depending on the land where the pile layout and style numbers accordingly, ensure the grounding resistance as prescribed. On a high hill or mountain design grounding needed careful study before going to investment decisions. If several adjacent earthing systems, equipotential them by van to world class.

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