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Lightning is formed like?

Clay (aka discharge the storm) is a strong power from the most common occurring in nature. Lightning causes appearance is due to the formation of large blocks of charge. Lightning Source is the storm clouds of positive and negative charge carriers in the upper and lower part of the cloud, we created this cloud around an intense electric field.

The formation of the charge block with different polarities in the cloud (aka the polarity of the cloud) is related to condensation of water vapor by cooling hot air upward, creating Positive and negative ions (the condensation center) and involving both the division charged water droplets in clouds under strong effect of hot air going up. On the ground below the cloud would focus the opposite charges with focused ion cloud wharf.

Principle corona phenomenon sharp metal wires placed grounded in strong electric field region will have the phenomenon of the charges were picked off from the point of foreign space of metal wire is grounded.

During accrued charges have different polarity, an electric field intensity always increases around cloud formation. When the voltage gradient at any point of the cloud reaches a critical value of the insulating properties of air (with normal atmospheric pressure, about 3106 V / m) in which occurs the first disruptive or lightning religion.

Figure 1. Distribution of charge when thundercloud

First process step by step guidance is formed from the cloud towards the ground. Also the area below the cloud would have the opposite direction from the first phenomenon of sharp metal objects as phenomena grounded corona generated. Downward leader and the upward leader will meet will conclude the process of cutting direction. Tia's first channel lead the charge from the cloud to the ground or from the ground to the cloud. It increases the size guide first beam directed from the ground up right time leader variety of lightning lightning lightning collecting needle through the first but must minimize corona effect that is objective, methodology for the lightning protection design and manufacturing leader variety of lightning lightning collecting needle or collecting early discharge lightning effectively.


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