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The need to use glass pipe insulation

Typically these high-rise buildings and structural steel frame, metal shielding in areas where the electric field strength reaches 25KV / m prone to lightning. Ionized gas will be the conductor. The clouds in the wild is the huge air masses, they charged and polarized by the interaction between clouds and electromagnetic fields. In phase electric field of thunderstorms, clouds sharply polarized create the potential difference, the potential difference occurs between clouds or between the cloud point. The lightning appeared as a result of the potential difference. The appearance of lightning increases the electric field around and create lightning downward channel closer to the ground. The prominent architect and the conductor immediately in response to the electric field increases by increasing generation in the "favorite position". When the first rays religion lightning approaching, a sudden increase of electromagnetic fields do appear first channels directed upwards from the structure of the building. One method lightning current design is to create one or some leader gets upward channel with distinct difference points are likely to be struck by lightning on the building. Therefore, the view of the method is to create safe isolation works capturing lightning limitations of other points.

With that viewpoint, the design and installation of lightning protection systems we should isolate lightning protection system with the electrically conductive material in the works: Water, antenna pan, electric wires, zinc pipes, the Structural steel frame. These devices should have a secure grounding system separately.

With lightning collecting needle, use a glass pipe insulation (abbreviated as FRP 2.0 m or 3.0 m) .The improvement in the operational efficiency of the needle, increasing isolation works and Around risk approach to lightning. The glass tube has good mechanical properties such as high strength than metal materials for corrosion, expansion and withstand sun and rain, not conductive, zinc or stainless steel pipe lighter, resistant to shock It's very suitable for the extreme conditions.

In general, the safety of the lightning protection system depends very much on the solutions to be carefully considered. Moreover, installation factors are crucial to the safety of the system.

There should be a carefully calculated to give a lightning protection system with indicators: density zones Lightning, lightning current intensity, height and structural works, coordinated with the selection of materials and equipment in line co.

Keep in mind that, without a lightning protection solution is absolutely safe at all. We try to limit the risks by prevention measures possible.

An example of a mounting method for insulating glass tube lightning protection systems:


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