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Surge Diverter ETI-PST

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 - Preventing lightning from spreading along the low voltage source to the device

- Modular design, easy to install 1 phase
   (or 3 phases as required)
- Fast acting time
- Imax lightning impulse = 10kA (8 / 20µs)
- ability to withstand 20kV overvoltage level
- Can be used outdoors IP67
ETI-PST lightning cutting device is designed to protect against lightning propagation and induction on the low voltage power line for outdoor equipment where the overvoltage is affected by very high lightning such as cameras, lights, .. etc. This is an anti-thunder product that can withstand the outdoor humidity with high voltage, and the device works effectively with spreading lightning (8 / 20µs). ETI-PST has a protective voltage level suitable for sensitive electronic devices.

ETI PST achieves a maximum lightning impulse cut of 10kA (8 / 20µs), according to IEC / EN 61643-11

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